Learn about our roofing services, providing you (homeowner) 8 simple steps to help you replace your roof.

Charlie Mike Construction is not just your local Texas Roofing Contractor, we're the preferred contractor in your local area. Our Veterans will help you through the difficult decision of deciding if and when it's time to file a claim with your insurance company or simply when the damage constitutes a minor repair. Charlie Mike Construction's trained staff can offer an affordable repair and/or replacement solutions on residential and/or commercial projects including but not limited to providing claims assistance from the beginning of the process to the end.

8 Simple Steps to your Insurance Claim Process

  1. Have contractor call your insurance company and file a claim for you.
  2. Follow up with claims manager to schedule adjustment date
  3. Meet adjuster on property to protect our home owners best interest
  4. Educate our home owner on RCV, ACV, Deductible, Depreciation and other items on the insurance scope of work
  5. Provide supplemental assistance on behalf of our home owner to ensure accuracy on the scope of work
  6. Enjoy the best materials available installed by the most skilled labor in the market place
  7. Receive a LIFETIME LIMITED warranty from your favorite contractor upon 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  8. Know that you could have went with 1000 different contractors but you decided to support our Veterans

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