Never Stop Advertising!

I've personally been approached by countless advertising firms and internet marketing salesman who know exactly what my business needed to succeed.   Most of them are working at a call center making $10 an hour or have a similar pay structure with minimum wage and minimal commissions.  Interesting enough, these people are in your ear with a convincing argument of why you need to listen to them and follow their advice.  I guess it's not to hard to connect the dots and say to yourself, "If they're so knowledgeable and really know what they're talking about, why are they not doing it for themselves?"  "The world is full of talented people but it's not full of successful people for a reason."

You'll never hear me discount or discredit a salesman because I have been a salesman for most of my adult life.  My personal blessings include principles learned from the art and psychology of sales.  These lessons can be applied to everyday life scenarios and have assisted me in my current calling to leadership.  I do believe that God has called us all to be blessed so that we can be a blessing to others and marketing is a great way for that to come to pass.  As the "Rainmaker", I have made it my personal goal to market at least 5 events, artists, products or companies this year in addition to my own personal workload.  "Dreams are only dreams until you write them down.  Then they become goals."

If you ask a room full of people to write down their definition of success on a piece of paper and then collect them, you'll find that many people think of success differently.  Some people view leading a healthy life as being successful, while others think success is accumulating wealth or popularity.  The truth is that success is like beauty and it's in the eye of the beholder.  Relationships and alignments are the key to accomplishing these goals and leaning your ladder up against the right walls play an important role.  "Some people are so focused on climbing the ladder of success they forget to investigate before they start climbing.  They get to the top of the ladder and realize the ladder was leaning up against the wrong wall the entire time."

So what do you consider to be a masterpiece?  Do you think a painting or some art form that has been mastered should deserve the label "masterpiece"?  Speaking only for myself, I view a successful business a masterpiece and admire how companies can start out of a garage and then turn into fortune 500 ranked company.  It's the dedication, discipline and vision of the leaders that make that goal possible.  It is absolutely essential to acquire and maintain positive thinking through negativity and adversity, which inevitably births excellence. "Don't be distracted by criticism, sometimes the only taste of success people get is when they take a bite out of you."

There's so much that I can say about motivational thinking and speaking things into existence as if they were.  Your alignment with people is the single most important thing that you can do besides praying to God for wisdom and allowing Him to guide your steps into the direction of His plan for your life.  Being the "Rainmaker" who has been blessed to be a blessing to others partnered with the capable staff at Make It Rain Marketing is a winning alignment.  Record your dreams down on paper so that they will become goals. The next step is to align yourself with people who can breath life into those dreams which will enable and empower you to accomplish your goals.  "Make a Plan, Make it Work, Make it Rain!"

When you look at this picture of the shark or killer whale approaching a canoe, most people identify with the person in the canoe.  It's the fear of being out of your comfort zone and realizing that maybe you prioritize your comfort and security above your dreams and goals.  These attempts to avoid personal harm may actually be the identifiable key emotion and way of thinking that is preventing your from succeeding.  Why not think of yourself as the shark and know that if God is on your side, whom shall you fear.  It really is a vital necessity to your survival that you devour your competition and stay hungry.  Think for a second of being fully submerged under water and gasping for air.  "When you want to succeed as bad as you want your next breath, you'll succeed."

Make It Rain Marketing is now accepting a few clients in 2017 and have every intention of "Making it Rain" in their business.  It's well known that a graveyard is the wealthiest place that you'll ever visit, full of dreams and potential that was untapped.  If you're ready to step up and plan for success, give Make It Rain Marketing a call at 903-420-0736 or visit us online at for more information.  If you have to start sometime, why not now?  "Make a Plan, Make it Work, Make it Rain!"

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Decorative Fence Construction with CMC

Charlie Mike Construction accepted a project recently that required a fence to do be duplicated with an existing fence that had an iron clover leaf and a Texas star header above the gate.  This board on board project was not for the amateur fence contractor and was actually bid twice by other companies before they informed this client they just couldn't do it.  We at Charlie Mike Construction can handle any commercial or residential project regardless of the size of difficulty but this one was was really challenging.  If you're looking to have a basic fence installed or would like to put some custom personal touches on your fence than let us help you.  Give us a call at 469-677-7663 (ROOF) or visit us online at

The first step was to obviously set the 11' posts 2 1/2 feet in the ground with Maximizer Concrete and then set our rails. (stringers)  Step two consisted of installing our true 1'' x 6'' x 8' cedar pickets, top trim and pressure treated kickboard.  Then we were ready to build our signature 3 hinge custom gate that will last the test of time.  Finally we cut out the clover in the fence door and inserted a powder coated design to match the neighbors fence.  If you look at the upper left and upper right pictures below, you'll see where were at this stage.  Also notice that above the gate you can still see through the board on board fence as we allowed roof for the header.

Now is the time that separates the men from the boys and we had to custom make this gate header out of a 2x8 cedar board.  The picture on the bottom left below shows you what it looked like after we spend 3 hours with a router getting everything perfect.  Once we returned to the project after the weekend and a small rain delay, our customer had already stained the portion that was had installed.  In the picture on the bottom right, you can clearly see the final product that was delivered by Charlie Mike Construction.  We are very proud of our work and are looking forward to the next challenging job in the North Texas area.

If you're looking for a fence contractor that can handle your fence replacement, fence repair, fence installation or fence restoration than we're your guys!  Charlie Mike Construction is a veteran owned and operated company in North Texas and we have been building fences professionally since 2012.  We also offer wrought iron, metal, vinyl, mason and other wood fencing in addition to our wood fences.  If you're looking to hire an experienced veteran fence company here in North Texas, give us a call at 469-677-7663 (ROOF) or visit us online at

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Charlie Mike Construction is your local Roofing Contractor

It's never a really good time to get your roof replaced but if your home has been through a hail storm or two it may be a good time to get it inspected.  When it comes to roof repairs, roof replacement or roof installation it's important to do your research before making a decision.  Replacing your roof is a major ticket item and it's one of the most important parts of your home that requires very little attention.  Most home owners don't think it's time to fix or replace their roof unless it's leaking but that's not necessarily true.  Today's hail strikes may take 3 years to actually become a leaking hole in your roof but your insurance company only gives your a one year statue of limitations after the damaging storm date.  This means you need to be proactive regarding your roof and Charlie Mike Construction is here to help you with this decision and make sure that you're best interest is our priority.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Charlie Mike Construction:

Free Roof Inspections

Deciding on whether you should file a claim on your home insurance is a delicate issue.  Most contractors will instruct you to call your insurance because they can only win by the approval but you can lose if it's not.  If you're roof is not approved for replacement however the fence, window screens, gutters or other items are, they will no longer be insured under your policy until they are fixed and the repairs could be under your deductible so you will have to pay 100% out of pocket.  Shingles are made from fiberglass matting with a cover of asphalt on both sides and then a granual mixture on the top.  When hail strikes your roof, it will break the fiberglass matting and then over time the granuals will become loose and fall into your gutter.  This is what contractors are looking for and Charlie Mike Construction knows exactly what they're looking for.

Dedicated Roofing Crews

Don't hire a contractor who will take your money and then hire a roofer (that they have never met or worked with) on Craigslist.  That's dangerous and can lead to some very expensive problems in your near future.  Charlie Mike Construction has dedicated roof repair and roof replacement crews that only roof for CMC.  This means you'll have a team that knows how to complete the job correctly and has been doing so for years.  We can handle all residential or commercial projects including two story steep roofs.  Make sure you call Charlie Mike Construction to handle your roofing needs and get the job done right the first time.

Shingle Partnerships

If you buy your shingles from a surplus store or a discount warehouse than you may get a better deal on the materials.  The problem with buying from places like this is your shingles will typically be made at different times or locations.  Shingles need to have the same lot number and manufacture date on them so the color consistency is the same throughout the bundles.  This is very commonly seen on roofs that have been repaired.  You can tell the difference between the repaired shingles and the existing ones even though they are the same manufacture and same color selection but from made at different times.  Charlie Mike Construction is a preferred contractor of Owens Corning and GAF products and buy directly from the plant.

Insurance Claim Assistance

When you're roof get's approved for replacement, that's the best time to address supplemental items to your insurance adjuster.  After the insurance scope of work has been created, it's twice as difficult to get them to approve supplements for your home based on building codes and insurance regulations.  It's important to know that your contractor is by your side against the insurance company and not the other way around.  Charlie Mike Construction has been supplementing insurance claims and making sure that our clients are getting the best available products and service without cutting corners.

Manufacture Warranty

When you hear about "limited lifetime warranties" that manufactures offer if you use their shingles, they come with stipulations.  In order for your warranty to be valid, you need to have 3 products from the vendor on your roof.  This means, the drip edge, pipe jacks, felt and shingles all need to be replaced and with the same company.  Most contractors and now insurance companies will only replace items as needed but this only voids your warranty from the manufacture.  We at Charlie Mike Construction replace every item on the roof whether it needs it or not because that's what you're supposed to do.

Deductible Assistance

This has to be the most popular topic of conversation that takes place between home owners and contractors regarding their insurance claim.  Deductible assistance is a very tricky and fine line that is crossed daily.  Most contractors have no regard of the legal ramifications of potentially committing insurance fraud.  There are legal and ethical ways to cover your insurance deductible through supplements and adjustments but only your reputable companies have the skills to pull it off.  Charlie Mike Construction offers a staff that exclusively handles insurance claim follow ups and supplements and they're ready to work for you.

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Charlie Mike Construction offers a wide variety of fence solutions when it comes to metal and wrought iron fencing.  We have certified welders on staff that have been welding for years.  In fact, Charlie Mike Construction actually has one welder that teaches welding at the local community college.  If you're looking to have your metal or wrought iron fence repaired or replaced, make sure you call the top recommended company in Texas.  You can reach Charlie Mike Construction at 469-677-7663 or visit us online at  #roofandfence
At the project that you can see pictures on below, the fence was falling apart and some of the metal pickets had already made their way to the ground.  If that wasn't enough reason to warrant a repair or replacement, the fence was also in the mature stages or rusting.  Once we received the call from our client, we knew exactly what could be done within their budget and make this fence look new again.
The first thing we had to do is the "hammer test" which means you hit the rusted areas with a hammer and find out how much metal is left.  After the hammer test, we identified the missing pickets and the rails that would have to be replaced and started there.  Next we wire brushed the metal to remove any rust and prepared the fence for painting.  While this was happening, we welded new pickets onto the fence so that our new addition looked exactly like the existing portion.  Finally we reset the gate that didn't open anymore, and then began our rust resistant painting project.
You can see the pictures for yourself on this job and yes the customer was very happy with our service.  If you're looking to have any home improvement projects completed in 2017, make sure you're using a company that knows what they're doing and doesn't need to charge an arm and a leg to stay in business.  Give "Charlie Mike Construction" at 469-677-7663 (ROOF) for your free estimate today or visit us online at  #roofandfence

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Charlie Mike Construction is ready for 2017!

Charlie Mike Construction would like to first start off 2017 by wishing you a Happy New Year!  There are many plans and bold goals that people are setting for the new year and it's going to take some help to get there.  Regardless of the bumps and bruises that we receive during our season, it's important to remember the "Charlie Mike" definition.  Continue Mission!  What are your plans for this season and what home improvements are you planning?  They are here to help with each and every one of the regardless if they are planned or are just happen to be one of the joys of home ownership.

Charlie Mike Construction offers many home services in the North Texas area but specialize in Roofing, Fencing Flooring, Christmas Lights and Appliance Repair.  The company was founded by a group of Military Veterans and they stand on morals and great customer service.  CMC LLC are top rated professionals that know their craft inside and out.  If you're looking to have your most valuable asset repaired or items replaced, consider calling them first!  You can reach Charlie Mike Construction at 469-677-7663 (Roof) or visit them online at  #roofandfence  Take a look at their services

Services offered:

Roofing Contractors

Charlie Mike Construction has been roofing in North Texas for the past 7 years and has every top rated shingle product available for your home.  Now offering a simple turn key solution to insurance claim projects and will work on your behalf to make sure the project goes smooth as possible.  When it comes to choosing a roofing contractor, make sure you hire a company that builds hundreds of roofs a year like CMC LLC.

Fence Contractors

CMC LLC is the number one rated Fence Contractor in the North Texas area and they are certainly the right choice for decorative cedar fence installation.  There is only a few companies that offer the true 1'' thick picket fences and Charlie Mike Construction does because they buy directly from the lumber mill.  There completed portfolio of work is second to none with LED lit fences that are exclusive to their company.

Flooring Contractors

CMC LLC offer a variety of flooring services to include but not limited to tile, hardwood and laminate installation.  They have a great selection and very competitive pricing on new installation and even offer free carpet removal for all new flooring installation projects.  When you're considering your next flooring project, make sure make CMC LLC your first phone call.

There are many other services that Charlie Mike Construction has to offer so give them a call today at 469-677-7663 (Roof) for your free estimate.  You can also visit them online at  #roofandfence

Charlie Mike Construction is your FENCE CONTRACTOR!

This week at Charlie Mike Construction we are highlighting our new LED fence video from our last custom fence project.  When you see the first video clips, it's not hard to see that they needed a new fence for sure!  We are very proud of our previous projects and we are going to be very proud of yours when we're done too!  Here's a play by play of how this fence came together and is one of the nicest projects in North Texas.

We began removing the existing fence and then setting the 11' tall posts 6' apart and 32'' deep with Maximizer concrete.  Normal Quikrete is 3400psi, city sidewalks are 4000psi and Maximizer is 5500psi which makes it the best and strongest concrete in the market today.  That's why Charlie Mike Construction only uses Maximizer on every fence and we offer a 10 year warranty that our new posts will not move or we will replace them for free.

Next we put up the Cedar 2x3 stringers for the fence and mounted them to our posts with lag bolts.  You may have also noticed that the very  bottom of the fence has a 2x6 pressure treated kick board.  The reason why this piece of wood is placed at the bottom of the fence is to protect the cedar pickets from wicking.  Wicking happens when the water touches the bottom of the fence picket and then travels up like a candle wick.  With the fence pickets elevated 3'' off of the ground, we usually set the very top stringer at 8'3'' so that we don't have to waste material.

Now that the posts are set and the rails are correctly attached, it's time to put your pickets on.  Our company usually puts a 2x3 board on the ground to make sure every picket is the same distance off of the ground.  We also put a 2x4 between pickets to insure that each one is properly spaced from the next one so our board on board fence looks great!  It's important to know that Charlie Mike Construction exclusively offers 1'' thick pickets directly from the lumber mill and we now offer 1x8 pickets which will change the marketplace in 2017.

Your next step is cutting out the 6' gates from the 8' fence and supporting them with a CMC 3 hinge diamond system.  This particular item (the gate) is the single most important part of the fence and it separates the men from the boys.  Our fence gates look decorative and they're also built with more than adequate bracing which explains our 2 year workmanship warranty on the fence and gate.

The fence is now completed and ready for the trim packages.  This particular fence calls for the 1x4 cedar boards that are covered by the 1x2 cedar boards at the top.  Then to finish of the fence, we have a 2x8 cedar board which serves as a top cap.  These trim pieces have to be made around the custom corbels that have been cut and lit with a Charlie Mike Construction LED upgrade.

Now the fence is ready to go and the neighbors are completely jealous!  You can have your new fence installed or upgraded too just by calling your local fence contractor Charlie Mike Construction.  Our contact information is 469-677-7663 or you can visit us online at #roofandfence

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